In 2007 Jakob Brandt-Pedersen founded the orchestra Natur 2 together with Jan Munkvad and Peter Sørensen. After many years of focusing on computer-based experimental music a need had emerged to de-digitalise and literally get back to the roots.
The roots were partly Jan Munkvad and Peter Sørensen, whom Jakob Brandt-Pedersen had played together with in several constellations over the years, first and foremost in the Kom De Bagfra Orchestra. And the roots were also the musical base for Natur 2, namely the sound of natural objects, unmodified and unamplified, raw and acoustic.

Natur 2 is an experiment and an exploration, an attempt from only natural sound sources to create a special sound universe free of rhythmic and tonal structures, and transcends both the concrete and the abstract. Natur 2 aspire to the pure sound, the quintessence, the sound of Nature and the nature of Sound.
Natur 2 strive for a meditative and intense music, where the experience of listening is influenced by the musicians and the audience mental state.

The instruments are stones, dried leaves, spruce cones, bones, shells, seed capsules, sand, feathers, seaweed, bark and all things from nature, that crunches, scratches and rattles. The music consists of improvisations guided by dogma, rules and games and with the surrounding soundscape as a part of the music.

The Dogmas are:
- The objects must be found and collected in nature by the musicians
- The objects are unmodified (may however be cut, cracked and dried)
- The sound level should be so low that concentration and focusing is required to listen
- The music is to function as sound - released from both the rhythmic and tonal structures
- Ambient sounds are part of the music
- Amplification must be avoided

Natur 2 is driven by a great love for nature, the nature that created us and to what our bodies, our mind and senses are so well adapted, and whose spirit and soul they are trying to communicate to, in humility through the music.