(SpaceController Records - SPACD 10 - 2012)
SpaceController Records

Butterbur takes you on a journey into a natural sounds micro-cosmos. Here are the dry leaves scratching,
a crackling of stones and gravel, rocking snail shells, a touch of feathers, snow crackles, bones clatter,
cones creaking, seaweed whispers, and seed capsules hissing and rattling.

Zooming in on strange combinations and complex compositions, their voices lose
normal references. The reality breaks down and reveals a new universe of
beauty, surprise and cruelty.

Butterbur is extreme music, musique concrète, a psycho-acoustic experiment, musique objet trouvé.
This is music for unamplified, unmodified natural objects, stripped of rhythmic and tonal structures and
transcending the concrete and the abstract!

It requires attention and presence of the listener but have a resonance deep into
the human mind. Our instruments are older than humanity, and its sounds are stored in our

On this CD we present 2 styles of performance.

1. Rule based stochastic compositions.
The 3 musicians are each provided with a gameset: 20 rules, a deck of rulecards, a 20-sided dice, 5 small stones and a seedcapsule. Each dice is cast, stones and capsule communicates the chosen rule and now the music will evolve from each musicians interpretation of these rules.

2. Sitespecific soundscape manipulation
The ambient sounds of nature and civilization are instruments in the compositions.

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