Concert in Sofiebadet

Tors. d. 8. november kl. 20 - Sofiebadet, Sofieg. 15, Chr. Havn

Entré 40,-

Is a new Danish band playing on the unprocessed natural objects.
Using these instruments produced small soundscapes that at once seems familiar and simultaneously most exotic.
The music is uforstærket, but while the volume level is weak, the intensity is greatly preserved.
Do not think that music seems stronger just because it is high!
Nature 2 explores the small sounds located on the edge of silence, where anything can happen.
Nature 2's music is beautiful as the sound of a pin, falling to the ground.

Among the sound sources are being played at include: sticks, stones, shells, seaweed, bones, cones, etc..

Nature 2 is composed by Jakob Brandt-Pedersen, Peter Sorensen and Jan Munkvad.
In the 1990s, they played together in Come From Behind The orchestra that played electronic music, but here 10 years after they have chosen to resurrect with a new name and new style.